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Details Tables

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Details tables are a great way to display information from a sub-form to a row/cell type table to your documents. The table itself is a configurable summary of any sub-form assigned to it. With the assigned sub-form having more details and data within itself. Every row can collect seperate data from the same sub-form.

Your forms

When setting up a new form or editing an existing table your first step is to plan your table. What kind of controls and information do you want to have in the table. Next is actually making the two or more forms you want.

Let's start with a very simply form which only includes the details table.

Details Tables
Add details table to your form.
Once added give your details table a name you'll remember as well as any security attributes you may want.


Sub-forms are the key ingredients to the details table pie. It is the sub-form controls that will display in the table in the Field Squared app. In this example we've made a simple form with a few controls. Learn how to make and use documents and forms.

SubForm 10 for details tables
Sub Form

Using Details Tables

Now that you've got your tables an sub-forms you'll be able to use them with your tasks. This is called filtering. Add any documents you want to your tasks and you'll be ready to go.

Details-Tables grouping forms
Adding forms to your tasks

Using Forms

Now that you've got everything set up it's time to use the forms. When your crew is in a job they will have the ability to choose and use the forms you've made. They will see the form next to their job in the app. By clicking the form they'll be able to tap the details table control and the sub-form we've created will appear. Now they can fill out the information and it will be displayed in the table.


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