Time Series Documents

A time series document has the same properties as a standard document, but with an additional date property. This allows for sorting, filtering, and especially for use in document grids.

  • Create: To create a time series document, select Create Time Series Document from list that appears upon clicking the Create Template button.
Creating a Time Series Document
Creating a Time Series Document
  • Time Based: When a time series document is created, you will see that Time Based is marked as true within the listed Form Properties.
Time Based
Time Based Property
  • Adjusting the Date: Once configured, the date property can be adjusted from the header in the document.
Time Series Document Header
Time Series Document Header Configuration
  • Use in Document Grids: When used in a document grid, documents can be shown for only the last x days. This is in reference to this date property on a time series document.
  • Example for Usage:
    • Date the document is associated with – The document could be be about an inspection or survey for a certain date, but not be fully filled out until a few days afterwards. This would leave the date last modified at a disparity with the date the document should be associated with.

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