Creating a Chart for a Document Grid

Using a document grid, there are two different ways to create a coordinating chart: the document grid itself or via a chart custom field.

Choosing which data to plot

  • Both methods of charting require configuration from Document Grid Properties popup
  • Select the data to be plotted by selecting the box under the chart icon.
Selecting which Fields to Chart
Selecting which Fields to Chart

Chart Custom Field

  • Link to Grid: The document grids on that same object will be listed. If there's no configured document grids on that object, you cannot use a chart custom field. There will be no data for it to pull from.
  • Chart Type: Choose between Line and Bar charts
Chart Configuration
Chart Configuration
  • Data Display: In the upper left of the chart, a dropdown will list the available data fields configured in the document grid. The chart will display one columns worth of data at a time.
Available Fields for Charting
Available Fields for Charting in a Bar Chart
Line Chart
Data Displayed in a Line Chart

Document Grid Chart

  • Show Chart: If you select a type of graph, you will see a chart directly under your document grid.
  • Chart Type: Choose between bar, line, bubble, or pie.
Chart Configuration
Document Grid Chart Configuration
  • Data Display: The chart will display all configured columns worth of data at once.
Document Grid Bar Chart
Document Grid Bar Chart
  • Hide Grid: If a chart is configured, the document grid can be hidden, so just the chart is displayed.
Line Chart with Hidden Document Grid
Line Chart with Hidden Document Grid

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