Adding New Users To Field Squared

Adding new users

Adding new users to your Field Squared app is easy. Start by heading over to the app builder section of the website. Click the gear icon on the top right of the page. This will take you to the app builder interface where you will be able to add new users, edit existing users and edit their permissions and more.

Home Page Gear Icon
Clicking the gear icon will take you to the App Builder

Creating a user

On the top right of the app builder there is a green button labeled Create User, click it.

New User Setup button
Click the green button to add a new user.

Next, you’ll see a new page where you can fill out information about your new user. Keep in mind all the fields for users can be configured to fit the needs of your company. For this example we’re using the following default fields:

  • Name
    This field is meant to use both first and last name
  • Initials
    This field will show up in various places throughout the app
  • Address
    This field is for adding address information about team members. This field will be validated and GPS coordinates will be added
  • Phone
    Enter the phone number of your team member
  • Email
    Enter the email address of your team member
  • Image
    Upload a photo of your team member. This makes it easy to assign tasks/jobs/duties to various team members
  • Type
    Type of user

    • Subscription Admin
    • Dispatcher
    • Standard User
    • View only
New User Type
Select what role each user will have within the app.

Learn more about Types of Users.

Optional. In this example we have chosen to add the following Custom Fields to our user profiles.:
Learn more about Custom Fields

  • Employee ID
    This is a custom field we have added to this form.
  • Reset Password field
    Area to reset a user's password.

Visibility Settings

User Visibility settings

This setting allows control over what each user is allowed to see within the application itself.

There are various settings you can choose from.

The drop list options are settings as to what Visibility Level a user is. There are three options here.

The Anyone level does not limit visibility for a user. They can see anyones tasks.

The Their Team level limits task visibility to only the team to which a user belongs to.

The Themselves level limits task visibility to only a user. The user can only see tasks assigned to them, no one else.

User Visibility settings NO List


View Unassigned Tasks, lets users see jobs/tasks which are not assigned to them. When switched off, a user can only see tasks assigned to them.

Inherit visibility from team changes visibility settings to match those of the team a user belongs to.

Custom Fields

If you require different types of fields in your user profiles, these can be added by using the Custom Fields tab at the top left of the users page.

Adding New Users Custom Fields
Custom field setting tab for new users

Once you have created all your users, you can now place them into teams within the organization.

Click here to learn how to Create Teams.

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