Email Capabilities in Field Squared

Field Squared lets you send emails from within the system using either:

  • custom email rules based on events that can email in response to any change in the system
  • the "Email" button available within any Document in Field Squared

Emails can be sent as plain text, HTML or as PDF attachments. The subject line, to and from fields are all customizable and can use either static or dynamic values using Field Squared expressions.

Event Based Workflow Builder Custom Emails

You can build emails in Field Squared to be triggered when events occur in the system. For example:

  • User saves a change to an Asset
  • A document is added to a Contact
  • Task status is changed to Blocked
  • Technician taps the "En Route" button inside the app
  • User taps a Command custom field button on the task details screen to perform a custom email action (eg. email the customer about the task status).

Emails can be custom tailored with the following features:

  • Trigger custom email workflows from any event (task save, status change, asset add document etc.)
  • Create custom email bodies as Text or HTML templates using the Field Squared text templating features.
  • Email bodies can include any properties of the thing being emailed, including images as links to the files on Amazon S3
  • Lists and collections of photos can be included inside emails using Field Squared repeater expressions
  • Specify custom subject lines, to and from email addresses that use fixed or dynamic values using Field Squared expressions

Please contact Field Squared Support for help with setting up custom email events.

Email Documents

All documents in Field Squared have a “Send Email” button that can be configured in a variety of ways. You can use this to send an email of the Document to any email recipient using our built in Email Document functionality.

On iOS you can send emails to multiple recipients at the same time and there are shortcuts for adding in common email addresses available.

Emails of your forms or documents can use either:

  • our built-in document rendering engine as text, html or PDF; or
  • you can use our custom email/PDF builder functionality to create completely customizable email representations of your forms.

Custom Document Emails

Using Document Builder, administrators can create a custom email template for each document type for the “Email Document” function with the apps. The capabilities of this functionality include:

  • send the document via email to a recipient either as HTML, plain text or as a PDF attachment to an email
  • include links to photos and dynamic elements using Field Squared expressions
  • include a customizable cover letter in plain text for emails sent as PDF email attachments
  • customize the subject line, to and from email addresses using static values or dynamic expressions
  • have full control over the look and feel of the final emailed/PDF version of the document
  • preview documents as PDFs and save them to disk from Web App
  • custom templates are defined for each document type, so you have complete control over how each document type sends via email

Use of this functionality requires an understanding of HTML and of Field Squared expressions.

Built-in Standard Email Functionality

Field Squared also includes a basic out-of-the box email functionality for sending documents via email that requires no configuration at all for sending any document using the "Email Document" function within the apps.

Using the built-in email functionality you can:

  • Email a document as HTML using the default HTML email template
  • Email a document as a PDF attachments using a default PDF email template
  • Choose which document controls to exclude from the PDF emails that are sent out

This email functionality requires no configuration at all.

Including media inside emails

For security and email deliverability reasons, Field Squared only allows images and other media types to be send inside emails as web links to the images rather than embedded as attachments. This is the default behavior for most automated email systems in the world including ours and is required for HIPPA compliance and NIST compliance.

Embedded attachments are only supported for sending documents as a complete PDF attachment.

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