Photo Controls

Photo Controls

iPad Photo Controls Selection
Photo controls in the mobile app
In keeping with the tradition of data capture, Field Squared includes photo controls you can add to any document you create to capture images or a series of images and add markup to each image.

There are 3 type of photo controls. Single photos, photo collection, and Flow. Each one having it's own settings and way of being added into a document.

Photo  Photo Comment  Flow Photo

  Single Photos

iPad Photo Controls Camera
Mobile app camera in action
This control is used as a means to capture a single photo. After you have captured a photo you can click on the image and add markup to it.

Photo Capture Controls Settings

Photo Collection

iPad Photo Controls Selection
Photo Collection control in the mobile app.
A photo collection lets you capture multiple photos and add them to your document. This control has it's own individual settings which are fully customizable.

Photo Collection Settings

Photo collection settings has a field which lets you change the maximum number of photos a collection can have. The default is one photo capture slot, but the default display is set for 5 which can be changed using the Max Photos setting.

Photo Max

Flow Photo

iPad Photo Flow
Flow Photo controls in the mobile app
Flow Photo controls function the same as a single photo capture in that they only capture one photo at a time. Only these controls are placed next to each other in customizable rows and columns. The settings for flow photo include the ablitity to add borders to each control as well as being able to adjust the number of rows a control can occoupy.

Flow settings



iPad Photo Markup Example
Photo markup example in the mobile app
Taking photos isn't the only thing that can be done with the Field Squared app. Photo Markup is a very important and superbly useful tool included witht the app. There are a variety of tools which are available for this task.

From left to right include

Line, Rectangle, Circle, Dot graph, Arrow, Text, Object Select & Move, Undo, Trash, Add, Settings, and Line Color.

iPad Photo Markup Tools
Photo markup tools in the mobile app
These tools are supremely useful, especially when used in conjuction with inspections and data collection duties.

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