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iPad Contact Controls
Contact control in the mobile app
Contact control makes it very easy to choose a contact within your forms. This is helpful for when you have the same form but have multiple clients or when you have multiple contacts for the same client. To use them, simply touch the contact list and scroll to any contact you may want. Easy as that.


In the app builder you will find contact controls. There are two versions. Standard and Flow.

Contact       Flow Contact

Standard contacts are added in from top to bottom on top of each other.

Flow contacts are added in next to other flow controls from top left to bottom right. Flow controls can also be resized and have borders added to each control.

Contact in form builder
Contact controls in the App Builder



Each type of control has it's own individual settings.

Contact Flow Settings
Flow Contact Settings
Contact Standard Settings
Standard Contact Settings


Field Use

iPad Contact Selection standard
Standard contact selection
iPad Contact Flow Selection
Flow Contact Selection

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