Checklist Controls

Check list Controls

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Various mobile app check boxes and check lists
There are 3 types of Checklist Controls within the Field Squared app.

They are Check box, Check List and Flow Checkbox.


  • check box
  • chcck list
  • flow checkbox

Each one is the same basic element presented and more importantly used in different ways within any document or form you are be building.

This is what they look like in the document builder.

Check lists in Doc
3 Check box controls in the form builder


Check box

Check Box

This control is used as a single checkbox and is placed one row at a time in a form. Each control you add to a form can be individually configured.

Check list Single Settings
Single Check box Settings

Flow Checkbox

Flow Checkbox

The Flow Checkbox control is the same as a regular checkbox except that it made to be used with in a flow setting, meaning one control after another.

flow Checkbox inFlow
Multi row Flow Checkboxes.

Each flow checkbox control has it's own setting which are completely customizable. Including the width of each element in the mobile app. NOTE: Flow controls do not work on the mobile phone version of Field Squared.

Flow Checkbox Settings
Flow Checkbox individual settings


Check list

Check List

Check list controls are great for when you need to easily add multiple checklist items without having to use flow controls.

Checklist Multi inDoc

Each Check List section you add is costomizable through it's own settings.

Check list Multi Settings

Here you can see where you add each checklist item int eh settings. You can even check off a 'Text' field which allow for notes to be placed and associated with it's check box.


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