Web App Release 5.3.0

Web App 5.3.0 We are introducing a number of new features and enhancements in the Web App 5.3.0 Release. These include the following features: Single user and asset view in the scheduler- Upon clicking the calendar next to a user or asset, the view will change to a calendar for […]

Web App 3.8.0

Web App 3.8.0 Percentage Utilization for each Technician on Schedule View Large Performance Improvement when moving Controls in Forms Builder Email multiple forms at once from a task. Email to assigned team from a task. Download all photos from a document into a .zip file. Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes.

Web App Release 3.7.0

Web App 3.7.0 Task filtering on the Map. Visualize tasks based on task type icon on the Map. History and Rollback on Form Templates. Display Label option for Flow Based Form Controls. Wizard for Generating Range Configuration for Form Controls. Form Survey Control Improvements. Bulk Import Tool for Users. Miscellaneous […]

Web App Release 3.6.0

Web App 3.6.0 Integrated Map within Schedule View.  Visualize task and current technician locations on the map.  This feature enables a powerful iterative planning workflow where the dispatcher can make task schedule and assignment changes and can instantly visualize the result of those changes on the technician route, along with drive time […]

Android Release 3.4.0

Android Release 3.4.0 • Photo markup editing with essential capabilities • Map view with tasks, user tracks, location, nodal assets, and contacts • Document control support for Fragments, Containers, Command, and FlowTextArea • Address geocoding supported when online • Fixed 8 minor defects and usability issues

Web App Release 3.5.0

Web App 3.5.0 Photo Carousel Viewer for photos.  Easily scroll between photos taken within forms. Drive Time Visualization on the Schedule View – adjusts as changes are made to allow the Dispatcher to schedule enough drive time, but not so much that workers are underutilized.   If the line overlaps a previous […]

Release 3.1.0

iOS Features Document Grids Build custom views onto all documents captured in the field as a grid Look for trends in data over time Custom sorting and column definition for document grids Run Report Builder reports from tasks, assets, users or contacts Run server Workflows from inside documents, tasks or […]

Web App Release 2.9

Web App – Version 2.9 The 2.9 version of the Field Squared Web App has been released. There have been many new features and improvements to the Web App which include new server and map features as well as various other fixes and improvements. Major New Features You can now […]