Web App Release 3.6.0

Web App 3.6.0

  • Integrated Map within Schedule View.  Visualize task and current technician locations on the map.  This feature enables a powerful iterative planning workflow where the dispatcher can make task schedule and assignment changes and can instantly visualize the result of those changes on the technician route, along with drive time estimates between tasks.  The current technician locations on the map enable the dispatcher to quickly re-assign/re-schedule the current day's tasks as conditions change in the field.

  • Configurable Text Sizes for form values can be set.  These will affect the PDF output of the form only.
  • Enhancements to Photo Carousel Control including re-centering of the thumbnail control during scrolling.
  • Option for outputting standard reports to a grid control that enables save to CSV.
  • Updated Salesforce Connector in Workflow Builder to enable easier Salesforce integrations.
  • Time Breakdown report now correlates technician location to asset location to show the Asset Name when technician stops are in proximity to assets.
  • Enhanced algorithm for filtering GPS track points based on accuracy resulting in cleaner technician tracks on the map and more accurate GPS based reports.
  • Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes.