Field Squared Release 2.8 for iOS 10

Field Squared Release 2.8 For iOS 10 Is Live

Field Squared Release 2.8 for iOS 10 is out now and ready for download or update from the app store.
Updates include:
  • Simpler buttons and forms layout
  • More compact iPhone screens
  • Document help available on iPhone
  • Email documents from iPhone and a new email editor
  • Various bug fixes, screen improvements and other enhancements
  • Flow text, labels and text areas work on iPhone now, including inside sub documents in details tables
iOS email builder
iPhone screenshot of FieldSquared

Apple just announced great new features for iPhones.

Make note that iOS 10 has permission, during the upgrade process, to temporarily delete apps that use local storage to hold data offline – apps like Field Squared. Don't worry, your data is still stored permanently in the cloud. After you upgrade, make sure you have a good WiFi connection and enough time to download all your offline data again from our servers.