Web App Release 3.5.0

Web App 3.5.0

  • Photo Carousel Viewer for photos.  Easily scroll between photos taken within forms.

  • Drive Time Visualization on the Schedule View – adjusts as changes are made to allow the Dispatcher to schedule enough drive time, but not so much that workers are underutilized.   If the line overlaps a previous appointment, there is not enough drive time.  Red indicates the Dispatcher has not allowed enough time to drive between appointments, amber indicates there is just enough time, green indicates plenty of time to drive from appointment A to appointment B.

  • Append Task to Existing Route.  Assign Tasks to a field worker with existing tasks already scheduled that day.  Tasks are automatically inserted into gaps in the field worker’s schedule, while also minimizing drive time.

  • Contact Heat Map – Companies can visualize where their customers are and create/adjust territories for their field workers.

  • Improved Map Performance with Large Datasets
  • Color Coding for Tasks on the Map based on whether the Task is Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Contact Filter on the Map
  • Custom HTML email body option when emailing attached PDF documents
  • New Task Timer Feature for tracking/displaying time taken to complete Tasks
  • Enhanced support for Time Series Forms and associated Charts on Assets
  • User defined ranges on form fields, including pop-up instructions for how to mitigate equipment issues in the field due to out of range values.