Release 3.1.0

iOS Features

  • Document Grids
    • Build custom views onto all documents captured in the field as a grid
    • Look for trends in data over time
    • Custom sorting and column definition for document grids
  • Run Report Builder reports from tasks, assets, users or contacts
  • Run server Workflows from inside documents, tasks or assets using Command buttons
  • Autosave for documents has been improved (see below for details)
  • Map Type (Standard, Satellite, Hybrid) can be selected per user again
  • The Event Log has been made taller and no longer logs the Not Started event
  • User Manager (found on the Settings page) lets you view all users on your team
  • Stability fixes and performance improvements

Autosave saves versions of your documents every 15 seconds as you work and whenever you take a photo – if your app crashes for any reason, your documents will be automatically restored by Autosave when you restart the app

 Server and Web App Changes

  • Report Builder
    • UI for building custom reports has been improved
    • Significant performance gains for large reports
    • Add related objects in reports
    • Aggregate data in reports
  • Tasks
    • Schedule jobs across multiple time zones
    • View jobs in a fixed time zone, or work in multiple time zones at the same time
    • User and Team sorting is available in the Backlog grid
    • Route Planner how has two options to optimize driving: Shortest Time or Shortest Distance
  • Output
    • Build Custom PDF versions of each Document type
    • Create custom email templates for sending PDF's to customers as attachments
  • Assets
    • Improved layout for details screens
    • Created By shows you who created the task, document or asset
    • Chart and aggregate data from Document Grids
    • Geocode assets during asset import using the asset's street address
    • Assets can now be viewed in a tree, grid, or filtered by child assets
    • Show a grid of all tasks or documents for a the selected asset
    • Show a grid of all tasks/documents for children of the selected asset
    • View summary metrics (total, count, average) for assets and their children
  • Maps
    • Stops are now calculating walking to job sites correctly
    • Stops and tracks can be replayed as an animation
  • Documents
    • Sort document types into folders
    • Include audio and video links inside hyperlinks
    • Create commands and run custom Workflows from inside documents
  • API
    • Attribute level merging (see below for more details)
    • SFTP file server reader/writer module
    • Improved Salesforce Sync module reliability
    • When saving documents with 100's of images, our DropBox/Box/GoogleDrive modules only send the changed images through to your cloud providers
    • Global search now works as expected

The new Attribute Level Merging feature in Field Squared allow many users to edit the same record at the same time, even when offline.

  • If two users edit different fields in the same task/document/asset/contact then each user's edits will be merged in to the final record.
  • If two users edit the same field, whoever edited the field last while out in the field (even when offline) will win and become the source of record.

 Android Updates (version 2.9.7 released Jan 26 2017)

  • Major stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixes for issues related to image capture and photo collections
  • Asset loading has been fixed
  • Info button available in documents with scrolling support

We are working on a Native Document Engine for Android that will be released soon that will significantly speed up Android Documents. This will be released as version 3.2 for Android.