Security Overview

Field Squared Security Overview This section is devoted to covering the security settings related to various aspects of the Field Squared app. We'll cover security relating to Users, Teams, Documents, Tasks and more. Let's get started. User Security Settings In the web app click the App Builder icon on the top […]

Importing Contacts From CSV Files

Importing Contacts From CSV To save time Field Squared has the ability of importing contacts in bulk from .csv files. Start by heading over to the app builder and clicking the import button on the far right. You'll be greeted by an import wizard asking what type of import you […]

Field Squared Contacts

Contacts Contacts in the Field Squared app are used to model people or customers in your system. If you have a CRM system, then Field Squared Contacts are the equivalent of a contact record.  If you have a work management system than managers millions of subscribers, then this is the […]

Flow Image

Flow Image Flow image controls let you choose any image from your camera roll and place it in you document. There's no limit to how many images can be added. Adding Controls Start by dragging your control into the middle pane of the document builder. You can add a control […]

Dates, Times and Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)

In Field Squared there are several places where we handle dates, times and datetimes (both date and time together). Times and datetimes can either be in absolute time or in UTC time. Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) for Times and DateTimes UTC is the world standard for agreeing on what a times […]

Flow Spacer

Flow Spacer Flow spacer controls lets you add empty space between elements in a flow layout within documents. This makes arranging your document much easier and has a clean look to it. As you can see from the image above adding space in between documents can really help clean up […]

User Controls

User Controls User controls in Field Squared documents are a straight forward and easy to use control which allow you to search for and select a user in your system. To add a user control simply drag the control icon to the document anywhere you wish to add such controls. […]

Release 2.6.1

Released this week in App Builder: Google Drive integrations are now supported within Integration Builder HTTP WebHooks are now supported for (a) triggering Field Squared reports and integrations through API requests, and (b) sending any type of data to Field Squared from a 3rd party system. Events logged in the […]


Sliders Sliders provide a control which allows users to drag their fingers to enter a number value. You can define start and ending values as well as the steps and default values. Using sliders works well with the Math control for allowing users to calculate values on-site without typing. To […]


Signature Signature controls are allow for capturing multiple signatures on site by drawing your signature with your finger or pen on tablets or other mobile devices. Configuration options are rather simple here with just a few options available at this time. You've got your basics such as binding and title […]