Web App Release 5.4.0

Web App 5.4.0

We are introducing a number of new features and enhancements in the Web App 5.4.0 Release. These include the following features:

  • Contact coloring – Using a handy drop down in the map legend, contacts can now be colored coded based on custom field values.  

    Contacts by Custom Field

  • Quick find and move in map – A new search bar now allows users to quickly center the map on an address, business, or point of interest.

    Quick Location Search

  • Create object at location – Once centered on that location, users can create an asset, task or contact at those coordinates. The address and GPS will automatically be populated.
  • Create at Location
  • Scheduler can now show 7 days from today – Instead of starting the week on Sunday, users can now start the scheduler on the current day and see seven days from now.
  • Add Country to addresses – When enabled, country inputs are provided, allowing more specific locations, as well as the ability to geocode worldwide by address.
  • Editable export title on reports – After running a report, the title for the exported PDF can be customized.Export Report Title
  • Now, you can generate a report that shows for a set of work orders, how much time each technician assigned to that work order spent in each status (i.e. drive-time, on-site, etc.).
  • Document to document expressions – If a document shares the parent object, values can pulled from one form into another.
  • Math controls with date differences – Math controls can now calculate the difference between date value types and can show that difference in minutes, hours or day.
  • Emailed PDF header and footer – A custom header and footer can be configured on smart forms that will visible upon emailing said form.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes