Turn Those Techs’ Frowns Around with Workforce Automation

3 Easy Ways Workforce Automation Can Make Your Techs Happier

Let’s face it; your techs are not as happy as they once were. According to a new Gallup world poll, 63% of workers worldwide are unhappy and disengaged with their work. For the Field Service Industry this problem stems from many things, be it driving all day everyday or the more monotonous constant filling out of paperwork, the list abounds. What if there was a simple way to help relieve some of these stressors for your techs? Enter, Paperwork automation and three easy ways that utilizing it will boost moral and overall happiness of your techs and staff.

While the possibilities are almost endless when using paperwork automation, sometimes it really is the simple things that make some of the biggest impacts.

     1. Let Your Techs Do The Job They Love: No more playing detective trying to figure out who wrote what and why—it was the tech, in the van, with the less-than-legible handwriting. Paperwork Automation allows your techs to actually do the job they enjoy and the job they were hired for to begin with. Think of the additional jobs (and smiles) your techs could complete if only they weren’t still making sure the customer gets the pink sheet, the back office gets the yellow sheet—or was it the other way around? I’m sure your get the picture. Productivity can be a direct result of happy personnel, which wouldn’t you know, would make you happy too.

     2. Capture That Data with One Finger: Is that a 4 or a 9? Actually it’s a 7, and with your paperwork automation mobile app there is no need to worry about those annoying numbers. With the ability to capture real-time data in the field, you can ensure that you are getting reliable, accurate information. It’s time to speed up the process of document delivery and decrease the amount of errors from all sides. There is no longer a chance of your techs not having the proper document for a particular job either; everything they need is literally at their fingertips. Who wouldn’t be happy with that kind of power?

     3. Your Documents are Safe and Sound: Not to mention comfortable, thanks to the cloud they are hanging out in. With the Cloud, you and your techs can access any document, on any supported platform, anytime. No more worrying about losing important documents either; with Cloud Storage your files are backed up and are only accessible to you and your techs. Don’t worry about those freak lightening strikes anymore. If your computer or network crashes, we’ve got you covered, and we’ll be here when you get back online. Why stop there? By using paperwork automation and the Cloud to store all those documents there is no need to use wall space for those clunky file cabinets. Less clutter means happier office staff, which means a more efficient staff.

In some ways most of us are just trying to keep from rocking the boat, but in reality, when you have happy employees it directly reflects on the image of your company. Your techs and staff enjoy their jobs—their real jobs—so why not equip them with the best tools available? Let’s send those papers to the recycler’s and kick the happiness into overdrive! Paperwork Automation and Field Squared can get that ball rolling and help you start turning those frowns upside down.