New Release Field Squared 2.6.0!

New release!

This release includes new features and enhancements in the 2.6.0 iOS App release available now:


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.09.19 PM


  • We have also fixed two bugs in the iOS app
  • In Web App Task Details has been redesigned with a new layout so that more custom fields can be displayed on the left.
  • The documents view for a task is now displayed on the right of each screen.
  • Event logs edited on Web App now match the iOS event logs with times in 24 hour format and lat/lon values in degrees/minutes.
  • Asset Team filtering is now available in Web App and iOS. You can also tag a parent asset in the Web App with a team, and then ripple update that team tag to all the child assets underneath that parent. This allows you to quickly apply team filtering to large portions of the asset tree (for example, tag the asset "Colorado Division" with the CO team, and then apply the CO team tag to all assets under the Colorado Division).
  • Teams can be assigned to assets while importing assets from a CSV file, ESRI Shape file or through an integration.
  • Commands are now available in iOS as custom field "Buttons" that can trigger Field Squared API Integration Events (for example: turn off pump through SCADA integrations from a button on the iOS asset details page)
    Field Squared API events can now be called by authenticated third parties to trigger field squared integrations to run on demand.