Major Windows and Android Release!


Field Squared is proud to announce major new releases for Windows and Android products, which are fully compatible for offline use on tablets.

These new releases feature:

  • Offline support
  • Auto-sync
  • Full support for assets, documents, work order management, scheduling, routing, and many other cool new features

Build your apps in App Builder and deploy on all the platforms you have in your company!

The Web App has also received a major upgrade, including great new features like:

  • Task Rollback to previous versions
  • Import/Workflow status monitoring and progress reports
  • More efficient map panning and zooming

Windows 2.6.0

  • Fully offline version of our Windows product
  • Support for work orders, assets, documents, maps, photos, and more
  • Event logging supported
  • Commands are now supported
  • All custom field types supported, including location
  • Documents use the same documentation engine as our Web App product
  • Document type filtering by task type is now supported
  • Stability of windows improved
  • Tablet mode and touch gestures are now supported for Windows Surface Pro and Dell Latitude 12 Rugged tablet running Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Task Details supports complex layouts with large lists of custom status codes
  • Auto-assign and auto-schedule now supported
  • Diff sync fully supported and the uses same algorithms as iOS for offline support
  • Auto-sync fully supported


Android 2.6.1 Beta

  • Fully offline compatible version of our Android product
  • Currently available in fully-functional beta for tablet use
  • Final release will support Android phone use (2 weeks)
  • Support for work orders, assets, documents, maps, photos, and more
  • Full support for the expressions engine
  • All custom field types supported, including location
  • Photos can be taken
  • Auto-sync with centralized server configuration
  • Fixes all data sync issues from previous Android versions
  • All existing Android customers should update to this release as soon as possible for testing if they are using tablets in the field


Web App 2.6.2

  • Task Rollback to previous version now available
  • Assign to neighboring teams/crews is now functioning correctly
  • Maps now correctly filter assets by visibility levels
  • Imports/Workflows now have a status checking service to give feedback to administrators for long running server processes
  • Maps are now more efficient when panning and zooming
  • Import Tasks can now import into any task type template, not just the default template
  • Photo Collections are now always the same size in PDF output, even if empty
  • Task Details on Firefox/Mozilla browser have been fixed
  • Various other improvements and bug-fixes
  • Customers on the Task Details panel can now be added directly from the customers link

Note that in this release of App Builder, a new Security tab is now available – this App Builder tab will be used by our support staff to migrate customers onto our new enterprise security model over the next few weeks. After 4th July weekend, we'll release our new security features for all customers and the configuration in this tab will become live!