Field Squared Release iOS 2.5.0

Release 2.5.0 of the Field Squared App for iOS includes 

– Full support for iPhone documents
– Full support for iPhone pop-ups
– iPhone custom fields
– Fixes layout issues on iPhone when contacts are not used
– New assets and contacts are automatically tagged to your team so that they’re visible after being created when team filter is enabled
– The home button in the top left corner of the app (Field Squared icon) now reloads the Workspace settings and re-syncs all the data

– Delete contact has been fixed
– Core location is now persisting to task/asset when edited
– Auto-populate details table from asset hierarchy (children, parents)

– Show/hide details tables that are empty or not
– Sub-document expressions for smart text can auto-update in realtime
– Search users by custom fields, initials, phone number or skill tags

– Time series data capture
– Better layout for task details screen with custom status codes
– Search users by custom field
– Details table hide if empty
– Auto populate details table from asset model
– Hyperlink control default, auto-populate and auto-update support
– Details table screen tearing fixed
– Time series data control now functional and ready for demo, but not ready for production use
– Task schedule duplicate warnings and fixes now no longer occur
– Search by nearest asset searches 2 miles around the current location

– Long press on line assets on the map navigates to asset
– New higher contrast task details display
– Custom fields can be marked as required
– Task name is a required field
– Catalog control UI improvements