Field Squared Release 2.7

New Report Builder

We've been very busy re-inventing the report builder. It's now easier to create reports and automations.

Great new map features

New maps features and improvements
  • View the tracks your users took throughout the day filtered interactive by time
  • Show tracks for just active jobs, or even a single job
  • Zoom the map to user tracks and job tracks

Updates to App Builder

  • Fonts are darker and bigger throughout the Web App.

Improvements to Catalog editing experience

  • Catalogs can now be used to drive lists and combo boxes.
  • We've added a great new library of icons for field workers available to use in your appsNewIconLibrary

Improvements to Tasks

  • Task details will now update any expressions whenever the Customer or Task Type is changed.
  • The task board has been improved so it can now easily handle thousands of scheduled jobs per day.
  • There's a refresh button on task, contact and asset details screens so you can get the latest version of what you're looking at while it's open.
  • Users can now manage task status, messages and project automations.

Additional Updates & Improvements

  • Documents will now be saved only when you change their values. People had noticed saves in the history where they didn't change any values.
  • Integrations can now use lookup values from catalogs when sending data to external systems.
  • Our revamped enterprise security model will be live in the next version of iOS and it's ready for configuration today.
  • Settings for mobile clients are now configured within App Builder rather than on each individual tablet and phone. Users will no longer have any setup to do on their phones or tablets.