Field Squared August Release

Released This Week in App Stores

These releases include new features and enhancements to the Field Squared App — available now for iOS, Android & Windows devices.

Apple iOS Release 2.6.4

  • Various bug fixes.
  • Updated settings screen.
  • New catalog list and catalog combo box controls in the app builder.
  • Double tapping on task/asset/contact icons on toolbars will now close any open details screens.
  • Mobile security and its settings are now fully centralized and configurable.
  • Simplified asset picker option for tasks.
  • Ability to take photos in both landscape or portrait mode.
  • Improved iPhone layouts for task details.
  • Ability to edit schedule start and end times in minutes.

Major Update! Android Release 2.6.10 Now on Google Play

  • New features and bug fixes.
  • Ability to take photos in both landscape and portrait mode.
  • Photos are no longer square.
  • Fixed issues with the cameras on certain devices.
  • Task status updates now include your GPS location, if enabled.
  • Corrected issues with uploading document photos.
  • Corrected expression evaluations issue.
  • Invalid sort parameters will no longer remove display of backlog.
  • Image thumbnail now loads properly.
  • Document info panel now displays correctly.

Windows Release 2.7.2

  • Security fixes and updates.
  • Fixes for pop-up panels and other document usability fixes.
  • Performance improvements for slow loading of certain views.
  • Camera integrations now reliable on multiple Windows devices with built-in cameras.
  • Ability to upload photos of current user from the built-in camera.

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