Field And Back-Office Efficiency Go Hand In Hand…


Just read nice article "Field And Back-Office Efficiency Go Hand In Hand" posted on Field Technologies Online posted by Wennsoft. (

"When business leaders start thinking about how they can make things more efficient, almost everybody focuses on what they can do for the technicians out in the field. But efficiencies for the field and efficiencies for the back office go hand in hand. It’s important to consider new solutions in light of how the field and office fit together."

They have accurately identified the whole issue, that mobile workforce apps and the back-office are part of the same system, and there are many efficiency gains to be made in both. The whole idea is to extend back-office systems to the field, so that the data can be utilized in real-time.

And in turn, field data can be placed back into these systems. It has not been trivial to interface with these back-office systems in the past, requiring software development expenses. At Field Squared, we've developed a cloud-based drag and drop back-office integration and workflow designer so there is never any need to write code.